Fwd: Minimal replacement for Exceed

Igor Furlan primorec@sbcglobal.net
Sat Oct 30 02:09:00 GMT 2004

--- amanda345@altern.org wrote:

> In the listing of Cygwin/X packages the guide says
> which X11 packages
> are required, but it says nothing about the "general
> Cygwin packages"
> that are needed for a minimal X server (they are
> "beyond the scope of
> this document").  That's what my original query is
> trying to get at.
> (Sorry for the confusion.)

yes  you are right ... but half page later the same
document says

You must select the xorg-x11-base package, which is
located in the X11 category.
 ---->>>>The xorg-x11-base package is a helper package
that automatically selects a working set of packages
for you that will allow Cygwin/X to work. <<<<<-----

You may also want to ensure that the inetutils and
openssh packages are selected if you wish to use
telnet and ssh to connect to remote machines.

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