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Alexander Gottwald
Wed Oct 27 15:35:00 GMT 2004

On Wed, 27 Oct 2004 wrote:

> Wow Cygwin is so much easier to install now...thanks !!
> One thing I'm stuck on.....I can get Xwindows up on my XP desktop and
> connect to all my unix servers but I haven't figured out how to export the
> DISPLAY to my machine (and do a xhost + ) so that I can start up an
> Xwindows gui (like xclock) on one of my unix servers and have it show up on
> my desktop.
> connection refused by server
> No protocal specified
does xterm -display windowsip:0.0 work?

> I'm starting Cygwin by doing a XWin.exe -query ip address (of one of my
> unix servers).

Do you get the login screen from the server? Have you tried the -from <windows ip>
parameter? This is sometimes required if you have more than one network interface 
(even ppp dialup interfaces count)

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