xterm flashing when switching desktops

Haider Rizvi harizvi@gmail.com
Sun Oct 24 18:40:00 GMT 2004

I am running the latest cygwin with X.org's X server. I also use
Powerpro (http://powerpro.webeddie.com/) and its builtin virtual
desktops option.

The problem: 
Every time I move between virtual desktops, my xterms
go into attention-grabbing flash mode in the Windows taskbar. This is
annoying because my taskbar is set to auto-hide, when xterm is flashing
it never auto-hides.

Xterm is the only app that flashes (I tried xemacs, xclock, xeyes as
well), others seem to behave randomly (sometimes keep the taskbar up, at
others just behave well like other Windows windows, but never flash at
least in my limited testing).

I searched the mailing list and internet for a solution but I didn't
find a hit. Can someone provide any hints or tips to avoid this problem.


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