Cygwin/X just now started to crash with Solaris app, 8bpp UPDATE

Fri Oct 22 15:56:00 GMT 2004

Back with some more debug info.

GDB "settings"
break shadow.c:1290, 1295,1298
printf "PWB1/2/3 0x%x\n",*pScreen->PaintWindowBackground
Friday 22/10 17.35 CET
PWB1 0x78364c
PWB2 0x78364c
PWB3 0x4b987e
PWB1 0x78364c
PWB2 0x78364c
PWB3 0xff
!! Here it is, *pScreen->PaintWindowBackground get's fsck, i've tried forever to add a wathpoint in gdb so that gdb alerts me whenever it changes value and tells me what piece of code that does it.
However i've been unsucessfull, some pointers would be greatly appreciated.
(watch 'shadow.c'::*pScreen->PaintWindowBackground just doesn't work, gdb tells me "A parse error in expression, near `*pScreen->PaintWindowBackground'." although according to the gdb docs this should be allright ?
I've attatched the shadow.c that this debug output refers to.
   Sebastian Haby

Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
0x000000ff in ?? ()
(gdb) bt
#0  0x000000ff in ?? ()
#1  0x007836b3 in shadowPaintWindow (pWindow=0x10397a68, prgn=0x10398780, what=0)
    at shadow.c:1298
#2  0x004b73d9 in miWindowExposures (pWin=0x10397a68, prgn=0x10398780,
    other_exposed=0x0) at miexpose.c:564
#3  0x004bec80 in miHandleValidateExposures (pWin=0x100fe350) at miwindow.c:468
#4  0x004073a4 in MapWindow (pWin=0x10396f58, client=0x102d7980) at window.c:2772
#5  0x00409fdf in ProcMapWindow (client=0x102d7980) at dispatch.c:695
#6  0x00409864 in Dispatch () at dispatch.c:454
#7  0x00401644 in main (argc=7, argv=0x100e1b60, envp=0x100e00a8) at main.c:440

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