Cygwin/X just now started to crash with Solaris app, 8bpp UPDATE

Alexander Gottwald
Thu Oct 21 14:23:00 GMT 2004

On Thu, 21 Oct 2004, Sebastian wrote:

> Hey again,
> I've excluded the option that pScreen might be NULL by adding if(pScreen != NULL) {  the code } still crashes thought, with the same gdb output.
> The strange thing is that this crash happens something like 1 time out of 3, the other two times i can use the application for hours without any problems.
> I'm losing hair over this ;) Is this an issue that should be discussed with Keith Packard / or other people within the team? The crash does occur when running the latest XWin on a 8-bit screen aswell.

have you tried setting a breakpoint on the line?
Maybe pScreen->PaintWindowBackground is not initalized properly. Is 
pScreen->PaintWindowBackground a valid pointer to a function?
Actually it should be fbPaintWindow or maybe there is still a layer 

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