Java GUI unable to correctly detect keystrokes

Alexander Gottwald
Wed Oct 20 11:54:00 GMT 2004

On Wed, 20 Oct 2004, Neil Mc Laughlin wrote:

> Since upgrading to the latest Cygwin X-Server, Java GUIs are unable to
> correctly detect keystrokes while an Xterm appears to work correctly. In
> fact, the GUI seems to think the Alt key is being held down when the key is
> pressed. This worked fine with the previous (unknown) version of Cygwin.

switch off num lock.

> In addition the X connection is being tunneled via ssh, with openssh running
> on the Solaris Systems. I've tried tunneling with both Putty and Cygwin Ssh
> on the windows platform. In each case, the Java application failed to detect
> keystrokes while the Xterm worked successfully. Due to firewall restrictions
> at this site, I am unable to test a direct X connection.

do you use ssh -Y remotehost?
Check the FAQ. Both topics are described there.

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