Tunneling does not seem to work here (newbie)?

savantsaro@cox.net savantsaro@cox.net
Fri Oct 15 17:28:00 GMT 2004

Ok, I think I may have figured out the problem, although I still don't know how to solve it.

The documentation, advice, FAQs, etc seem to have gotten me confused.

I suspect I've been doing some of these tasks on the wrong system:

export DISPLAY(foo)
changing X11Forward in ssh(foo) files
etc etc.

Also, emacs is possibly the worst choice of programs to try to test this with on our server, because apparently, running emacs from a terminal on the server itself DEFAULTS TO TEXT MODE and doesn't create a gui window. In other words, it was acting exactly the same on the server as it was remotely.


Ok, so here's my current setup:


DISPLAY environment variables have been tweaked to goodness knows what on both the cygwin shell on my local box and on the server, under the Administrator and root accounts.

Various ssh_config and/or sshd_config files have been created/edited on both the server and the cygwin shell on my local box, all of which somewhere contain "X11Forwarding yes" somewhere in them.

Some ssh configuration programs have been run, somewhere.


Well, it's not really as disorganized as all that, but it seems that way. I have a pretty good idea of what I've done to what files on what systems. Regardless, it seems a good deal of it was done wrong, not that it seems to have affected anything : X11 forwarding still doesn't work.

So here's my questions, which hopefully will fix things:

What environment variables need to be set, on which machines? I've seen probably 4 or 5 different variants on the DISPLAY variable, and have no idea what the "correct" one is or why.

What configuration/installation programs need to have been run, on what machines, as what users?

What files, in what directories, on which machines, need to be edited with the "X11Forwarding no" -> "X11Forwarding yes" change?

Please note, this is *not* a standard *nix box - the directories I've been referred to so far seem to be wrong, leaving me to guess and "locate" a lot.

The "host" system is running Mac OSX 10.3 Panther.

The "client" system is running Windows 2000 Server and cygwin.

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