xwin produces flickery gray screen; cut/paste

Alexander Gottwald alexander.gottwald@s1999.tu-chemnitz.de
Tue Oct 12 22:29:00 GMT 2004

On Tue, 12 Oct 2004 kynn@panix.com wrote:

> Hi!  I just installed Cygwin, including X, on my Windows2000
> workstation.  When I execute xwin, I get an awful-looking window, with
> horizontal gray lines flickering annoyingly across the screen, which
> is pretty much entirely taken up by this window.  There's a big black
> X in the middle of the screen.  How do I fix this?
> I got better results when I started X using startx.  The only problem
> with this option is that I don't seem to have any form of
> cut-and-paste.  The first few lines sent to the screen after I execute
> startx are
>   Welcome to the XWin X Server
>   Vendor: The Cygwin/X Project
>   Release:
>   Contact: cygwin-xfree@cygwin.com
>   XWin was started with the following command line:
>   X :0 -multiwindow -clipboard
> The mention of -clipboard above gave me the hope that cut & paste
> would be possible, but I have not gotten it to work, neither between X
> applications, nor between an X application and a Windows application.
> Do I need to do anything special to get cut & paste to work?

Cut and paste in X is done in different ways depending on the application.
In most cases (xterm, mozilla and others) it is sufficient to mark text 
to "cut" it and click the middle mouse button to paste it.

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