three button emulation (not a faq, honestly)

Igor Pechtchanski
Mon Oct 11 15:24:00 GMT 2004

On Thu, 7 Oct 2004, Phillip Lord wrote:

> I've been having a nightmare getting cut and paste working properly
> with cygwin-x. I went through the faqs, I various things, and
> eventually isolated the problem to three button emulation on the
> mouse.
> So I read up on this. I'm using multiwindow, so I can't use
> emulate3button. I tried using tweak UI as suggested in the faq, but
> for the life of me I can't find anything relating to three button
> emulation in tweakUI.
> Finally, I tried using an external USB mouse (this is on a laptop). And it
> all just works. So I think that the problem is with the mouse pad
> driver. It enables me to fiddle with the button settings. I think it's
> intercepting the double mouse click, so cygwin is not getting it.

IIRC, on some laptops, the mouse pad driver allows you to turn off the
mouse pad when an external mouse is detected.  Someone also asked the
question about switching between the (two-button) mousepad and a
three-button external mouse without restarting the X server -- I don't
recall the conclusion of the discussion, but it should be in the list

> So two questions
> 1) Has anyone else had the same problem? Has any one else managed to
>    solve the problem?
> 2) If I can't solve the problem, is there any way of accessing paste
>    functionality in a bash shell with the keyboard (short of running
>    it in emacs!)? Can I bind one of the function keys to paste for
>    instance?
> Cheers
> Phil

In answer to 2): <>.  I think this
sequence should work in xterm and rxvt as well -- if not, Ctrl-V Insert
should show the right one.
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