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I managed to get xcdroast up and running under cygwin/X (running on XP Pro and win2000). The patch modifies xcdroast in such a way that it "thinks" its running as root regardless of the user privileges. It can be argued that this is not the right way to do it, but it works for me. And since xcdroast requires cdrtools to do the work, which on the other hand require admin rights to burn CDs on XP/win2000, I don't thinks it's too bad. 

To compile xcdroast:

1. Get the source (as of today, its xcdroast-0.98alpha15)
2. Install required packages (listed in xcdroast's README file). Make sure you have GTK2 installed.
3. Configure with --enable-gtk2 --enable-nonrootmode (not sure if 2nd option is really needed).
4. Patch the sources with "patch -p0 < xcdroast.patch"
5. Build with "make" and install with "make install"


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