cygwin/x symantec antivirus conflict

Jack Tanner
Wed Oct 6 23:11:00 GMT 2004

Dick Repasky wrote:
> I'm running Symantec with scan engine

Same as me. The two people that said they weren't having problems were 
running version (Daniel) or (Giampaolo).

I think it's time to try an upgrade or a downgrade.

> I haven't tried it with rxvt rather than xterm. I don't have rxvt 
> installed.

rxvt is easily available through Cygwin Setup.

> The perplexing thing is that nothing seems to be taxed. Processor load, 
> paging, and network all seem normal.  Nothing strange appears in the
> process table if I watch it while running xterm, logging in to the remote
> machine and while forwarding X windows.

Same here.

Do you by any chance have Exceed or any other X server?

I've posted a question about this on the Symantec tech support site:

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