Problems building PerlTK on cygwin

Charles Plager
Tue Oct 5 12:43:00 GMT 2004

Markus Jung wrote:
> Hi List!
> Please can anyone help me with the following error during the make of 
> PerlTK. I'm using cygwin/x-free on an windows XP box with WindowMaker.
> I've downloaded the PerlTK-Sources from CPAN. Is there a problem with this 
> sources on cygwin. Does anyone know about a cygwin package for PerlTK?

I've built and use Tk 800.024 (I haven't tried 804.027, the latest) that 
uses X-windows.  I've never tried the windows-specific version.

Here's what I did:
* From download and unzip 

* cygwin> perl Makefile.PL x
                            ^ tells it to use X-windows

You could try 'perl Makefile.PL' if you want to try without (all this is 
mentioned in the README.cygwin)

* cygwin> make

* cygwin> make install

* cygwin>

Since I had an older version of perl, I also need to:
cygwin> cd /usr/X11R6/lib
cygwin> ln -s libX11.dll.a libX11.a

BEFORE I built TK.  Gerrit P. Haase says that this issue has been fixed 
with perl-5.8.5 for Cygwin (I haven't checked).

	Good luck,

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