cygwin/x symantec antivirus conflict

Dick Repasky
Mon Oct 4 20:37:00 GMT 2004

I, too, experience the problem, and the problem seems to depend on

IBM Thinkpad 600x 500 MHz, 200 MB mem.

I not only see the keyboard delay that Jack mentions, but I get terrible X 
forwarding.  Without Symantec, I wait about 10 seconds for all SAS windows 
from a remote session to be displayed.  With Symantec (although disk and 
network checking are de-activated) it takes just over a minute for the 
windows to be displayed.  Even worse, if I run cygwin from a CD on this 
machine with Symantec installed, it takes 30 minutes for windows from a 
remote SAS session to be displayed, compared to about 20 seconds without 

On a dual 3-GHz Xeon with 1 GB mem, I see no performance hit from 
Symantec while running cygwin from CD or not.



Dick Repasky
Bioinformatics Support
UITS Cubicle 101.08
Indiana University

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