Bug|RFE: Manually set mouse button count

Xuân Baldauf xuan--2004.10.01--cygwin-xfree--cygwin.com@baldauf.org
Sat Oct 2 01:27:00 GMT 2004


At least if XWin is run on notebook, there might be the problem that 
cygwin incorrectly detects the number of available mouse buttons. This 
may be the case especially if a 3-button-wheel mouse is attached to a 
PS/2-port of that notebook, because the internal PS/2-port emulator 
intermixes external mouse events with touchpad events. In this case, 
cygwin detects only 2 buttons (I assume the two touchpad buttons), while 
it should detect 3 buttons.

This is usually not a real problem, because cygwin seems to add (by 
default) 2 buttons (for wheel-up and wheel-down), resultin in a total of 
4 buttons. But if the user wants to use the wheel of the attached wheel 
mouse, the wheel-up-events are properly scheduled to the X clients, but 
the wheel-down-events are not.

If one could manually specifiy the number of available mouse buttons 
(e.g. by command-line), this problem could be solved. Additionally, a 
related problem could be solved, too: Even if XWin correctly detects at 
startup time that there are only 2 mouse buttons, users might plug in a 
mouse with more buttons later on.


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