cygwin/x symantec antivirus conflict

Armbrust, Daniel C.
Fri Oct 1 14:06:00 GMT 2004

I have a corporate version of, and see no slowdowns.

I didn't have to do anything special to make it work.

(Helpful post huh?)


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Subject: Re: cygwin/x symantec antivirus conflict

Alexander Gottwald wrote:
> I'll add this to the FAQ. Does Symantec Antivirus has an option to disable
> scanning for certain programs?
> Try adding XWin.exe to that list.

Good idea, but no dice. I added the entire c:\cygwin\ tree to the 
Symantec exclusion list, but the slowdown is still there. There's also 
no difference if you disable network drive scanning, or something called 
Threat Tracer (the purpose of TT is "Identify the source of network 
share-based virus infections on computers that are running Windows 
NT/2000/XP operating systems.")

This really sucks. I don't want to run without antivirus protection, but 
the delay is really irritating.

Is anybody using Symantec Antivirus and NOT seeing a delay? If so, what 
version of SA are you using? I have "full version", scan 

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