Strange redraw problem with multiwindow

Alexander Gottwald
Fri Oct 1 09:53:00 GMT 2004

On Fri, 1 Oct 2004, Roman Belenov wrote:

> Alexander Gottwald <> writes:
> > Somehow the workarea got stripped.
> Actually, it seems that I found the cause. I'm using Next-like application
> launcher (BrLaunch) that uses left side of the screen to display button bar
> (have been using it for years and so forgot to mention it in the first
> message as something unusual). It resizes the desktop, so that when a window
> is maximized, it doesn't cover the buttons. Seems that X server in multiwindow
> mode gets confused.
> Just tried X -multiwindow without BrLaunch launched, and it works fine. But it
> would be nice if it operates correctly with resized desktop.

I think I'll skip the size adjustment in the native windowmanager modes. 
The windows are not bound to the workarea and restricting the buffer to 
that size seems only to cause problems.

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