Strange window redraw problem (Still)

Cserveny Tamas
Fri Oct 1 08:53:00 GMT 2004

Hi list,

Dave Carrigan wrote a letter previously about this issue.

My problem is pretty much the same, but i'm not using xwinwm. XWinWM would be
workaround for the problem (maybe it makes an additional refrEsh), but it
won't solve the issue. This problem exist in -multiwindow mode. 

I have made some screen shots under

- the level of "blankness" is not the same for all widgetsets. Eg.
   Motif seems to be more affected and KDE seems to loose rarely one or to 
   lines. (It seems that only fonts get lost, once konsole's tabs but that is
   very rare)

- Moving the mouse on the missing parts would reveal the content. (bug3.jpg)
- There are no window tweaking tool installed on this computer. (XP SP1)
- Tested with local xclients and sun59 clients. (standard tools like xfontset   
   also affeced)

I hope I was able to provide as enough information. If someone has a debug
binary I would be happy to make tests with it. 

(cygcheck's output is uploaded to the above address was well as the xwin.log)

Cserveny Tamas

ps. Sorry for the empty message

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