Strange redraw problem with multiwindow

Roman Belenov
Fri Oct 1 06:40:00 GMT 2004

I have the following problem - if a window is resized so that part of it get's
closer than 40 pixels to left screen border (I've got 1200x1600 resolution, so
effect takes places when absolute x coordinate of some pixels in a window is
larger then 1160), that part becomes white and is not redrawn later. If I just
move the window to the right edge of the screen, it is redrawn correctly. The
effect also takes place on window maximization - again, I have 40-pixels wide
white vertical stripe near the right edge of the window. Without multiwindow,
everything works fine - I have fullscreen root window and applications
maximized inside it don't have this white stripe. Any ideas ?

 							With regards, Roman.

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