XWin listens on too many TCP ports and killing existing connections.

Caphe Noir caphenoir@yahoo.com
Sat May 29 15:46:00 GMT 2004

From: "Alexander Gottwald"
> > Looks like the "-multiwindow" option is the one
> > causing the listening ports.
> >
> > Something interesting, when running without the
> > "multiwindow" option.  I
> > tried to run sawfish (window manager), after
> > sawfish is the one that
> > spawns the listening sockets every second just
> > XWin did.
> What happens if you start no windowmanager at all,
just on xterm. Does
> it spawn new connections too?

It does, but not as bad (may be 1 listening connection
every minute) and the
listening port does not increments by 4 every second.


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