XFD: no font to display

Barath K. Seshadri barathksesh@yahoo.com
Tue May 25 00:12:00 GMT 2004


   I installed "Bitstream Vera" fonts into my system
and started xfs(2.0). From cygwin, I setup my config
file and the fontpath to point to the remote system
where X/xfs is running.
   I then did a xlsfonts and "Bitstream Vera" were
printed to the stdout. xfontsel displays them as well.
But, when I do a xfd -fn "font-name", I get a xfd: no
font to display error. Does anyone know what this
error is? 
   Does cygwin have support for setting up fonts in
this manner?    
   I'm positive my font directory is not corrupted. I
appreciate your help. Thanks.


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