Upgraded to the latest and now my windows are freezing

SMore@empirecorp.org SMore@empirecorp.org
Thu May 13 16:21:00 GMT 2004

I have been using cygwin-xfree for a while and everything has been working

This morning I grabbed the latest software....
	xorg-x11-base from ->
	xorg-x11-etc from ->
	xorg-x11-xwin from ->

Now it seems that whenever I am running cygwinX and "Query Analyzer" from
Microsoft, both application fail to respond and the windows are going white.

So I figured I will try and back out of xorg-x11-xwin and go to previous
version. But I can't seem to do this because I have a newer version of

I would like to get back to a stable version....what is the best way to
proceed ?

Steve More

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