Xwin weirdnesses

dummy@bolobot.com dummy@bolobot.com
Thu May 13 09:48:00 GMT 2004

Since updating to the newest xorg distribution weird things are happening
with starting Xwin from startxwin.bat.  I used to be able to start multiple
windows in a 800 by 600 screen with the blackbox window manager.  Now when
I try that using the -scrollbars -clipboard -screen 0 800 600 no window
appears although when I kill X it thinks there are 2 clients connected?! I
removed "run" from in front of Xwin in the batch file and that works, well,
every other time.  I start startxwin.bat and it pops up the X window but then
doesn't start the window manager or xterm.  If I kill X and restart, then it
works (although it crashes at random times - it used to never crash).  Rootless
and multiwindow work, although I like having all my X stuff in its own window
and using rootless and multiwindow I don't have the benefits of blackbox (i.e.
opening a new xterm session by right-clicking).  Is anyone else having these

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