X server often closes by itself

wirawan0@softhome.net wirawan0@softhome.net
Fri May 7 16:50:00 GMT 2004


The X server often closes by itself, and if I check the $TMP/XWin.log file, 
it does not say anything about the closing of the server. 

The last time it happened was when I made a selection in xterm, then pasted 
it to a (native) Windows program (to be strict, it's FTE.exe by Marko Macek, 
compiled for win32, not for cygwin). 

Here's the starting command: 

XWin -unixkill -nowinkill -clipboard 

I used windowmaker, and the OS is Windows 2000 SP5 running on Pentium III 
computer with 768 MB of memory. 


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