A suggestion (XWin.n) and a question (run.exe).

Harold L Hunt II huntharo@msu.edu
Tue Mar 30 07:43:00 GMT 2004


Rodrigo Medina wrote:
> I can do the patch, but I need to know from where to
> obtain the exact information.

The file to patch is here:


There are instructions for pulling down our CVS tree here:


The User's Guide documentation will be helpful (the man page should 
contain at least the information in the User's Guide section on 
command-line parameters):


The definitive resource for command-line parameters specific to XWin.exe 
is in winprocarg.c:


A helpful guide for which parameters cannot be used together is in 


Finally, I usually describe how to use a new command-line parameter in 
the Change Log when the new parameter was introduced.  So, go to the 
change log and do a quick search for a particular parameter that you see 
in winprocarg.c to get some information about what it does.  Here is the 
full change log:


I hope that helps.  I will really appreciate an updated man page.


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