LinuxWorld Expo - San Francisco - August 2-5, 2004

Harold L Hunt II
Mon Mar 29 00:21:00 GMT 2004

I will most likely be attending at least part of the LinuxWorld Expo in 
San Francisco coming up in the beginning of August:

There will be a lot of X folks there (most likely Jim Gettys, Keith 
Packard, Egbert Eich (I hope), and more); I estimate the number at over 
10.  We will be having discussions and there will most likely be time to 
grab dinner or lunch as a group a few times and possibly even drink a 
few beers for those with proof of age.  :)

I'm going to be living in San Jose from the end up May, which means I'll 
be passing through Sunnyvale, Palo Alto (I think), Stanford, and the 
southern part of San Francisco on my drive up.  Contact me privately if 
the only reason you couldn't make it would be because you have no way to 
get up there for the day (I'll most likely be driving home each night 
that I go up).  Alternatively, if there are a lot of us maybe we can all 
ride the train together... I think there is one that goes up to San 
Francisco from San Jose.

Mark your calenders if you are interested and start looking into a cheap 
way to get there... I'd love to see as many Cygwin/X folks there as 
possible, especially developers that can come to any meetings and have a 
say in the future of X if they want to.


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