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Harold L Hunt II huntharo@msu.edu
Fri Mar 26 21:21:00 GMT 2004

Earle F. Philhower, III wrote:

> Howdy Harold,
>>Subject: Re: About box
> ..
>>URLs: not possible in a dialog, as far as I can tell since this was how 
>>I wanted to do it too.  Buttons were the only way I could do it.
> I have the feeling this is going to turn into the same kind of style argument as the ICON resource. ;)
> FWIW, there are multiple ways of implementing URLs in a dialog box.  I've done both in my own W32 apps:
>  Owner-drawn buttons:  Your DialogProc() gets notifications to draw the button, so you can implement the underlined URL drawing there
>  Override the WndProc for the buttons created by the dialog during InitDialog
>  (Not very portable, needs COM working) Instantiate an ActiveX control
> I can submit some simple code that does the overridden windowproc (makes the pointer a little hand when you've over the icon, too!), but don't want to push the issue since it's more of a style than substance issue...

By all means, please just commit code that does blue links in the dialog 
box.  I was aiming to do that and didn't see a way to do it the first 
time through.


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