Pathnames for X server app-defaults etc.

Harold L Hunt II
Thu Mar 25 16:35:00 GMT 2004

Ruth Ivimey-Cook wrote:

> Would the following issue:
>>Earlier this week, I re-installed Cygwin from scratch.  The current version
> of the X 
>>server is 4.3.0-60.
> Be why my X server doesn't start up any more?

Does not appear to be.  In addition to what Alexander said, if the 
XWin.log you sent was complete, then you are running an old version of 
the XFree86-xserv package since there is no version or command line 
information printed at the top of the file.

Please run 'cygcheck -c XFree86-xserv' and report your results.  If you 
think you have been updating regularly, then you may be pointing to a 
stale mirror and you need to reselect a different mirror from the mirror 
list.  Note: If you selected a mirror that eventually became stale, it 
would be dropped from the downloaded mirror list, but it would still be 
your default mirror and would be added to the mirror list as a "user 
entry".  This isn't quite the way it should be (a mirror from the list 
being removed from the list should be distinct from a user entry) 
handled but that is the way it will continue to be until someone puts 
forth the effort on setup.exe.


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