KDE3.1 fails to run from a clean install.

Crescioli, Phil Phil.Crescioli@gd-ais.com
Thu Mar 25 16:17:00 GMT 2004

Last night I did a FULL and COMPLETE download of cygwin from

This morning I installed ALL of cygwin and tried to bring up KDE3.1
using "startx -multiwindow &".
KDE came up and allowed me to tweak the desktop environment, then 
failed to load a library, etc.  The log file is below. When I run KDE,
I have about 100MB free RAM of the 256 totall memory in my PC.  
When the first library fails to load, I have about 60MB free RAM. 
Is my prob not enough free memory, or do I need to tweak a file
To get KDE up and running?  FYI-I only set KDE desktop environment to
load half the "eye candy" stuff during the initial setup so as not to
have a memory issue.

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