Cygwin Tk for X?

Jeffrey C Honig
Wed Mar 24 03:17:00 GMT 2004

Harold L Hunt II <huntharo at msu dot edu> wrote:

> Jeffrey C Honig wrote:
> > Is it just because no-one has taken the time to build it?
> Yes, that is sort of it.  In other words, people are open to the idea
> of adding an X11 version of Tk, but it needs to be done in a way that
> allows both the X11 and Win32 versions to be installed at the same
> time. This sort of splitting, renaming, and script foo will take about
> 60 hours.  So, it isn't just that people are lazy, it is that it will
> take a significant amount of time to complete all of the tasks, test
> it, and fix errors in the packaging scheme.  I've thought about doing
> this at times, but I haven't got time for it at the moment.

I do not have that kind of time either.  Is it a project we can outline
and have people work on a bit at a time?



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