Remote KDE with Cygwin X

Harold L Hunt II
Wed Mar 24 00:49:00 GMT 2004


How are you starting Cygwin/X?  It sounds like you are using startx,, or startxwin.bat, all of which will start the server in 
"multi-window mode" which will crash if you try to run KDE remotely 
because both multi-window mode and KDE will be trying to run window 
managers at the same time when you can only run one at a time.

Please send in /tmp/XWin.log from one of these attempts so we can figure 
out the command line being passed to XWin.exe.


Peter Graf wrote:

> Hello
> I want to report a strange problem I have since yesterday
> since I upgraded Cygwin X base to 4.3.0-9. I upgraded my 
> entire cygwin installation to the version available yesterday.
> I have a WinXP laptop and a linux server that has no monitor.
> I have had this setup for over a year now, Cygwin X always 
> worked perfectly for it, I have also not changed the KDE
> on the server lately.
> I run KDE remotely on my laptop when I use the Linux server by
> - starting XWin.exe with one xterm inside on the laptop
> - ssh'ing to the server: ssh -X -l <user> <server>
> - starting KDE on the server: kde
> After yesterday's upgrade I now have the strange effect
> that launching and running the KDE hangs at various stages unless
> I select some text from the initial xterm window with the mouse.
> Like: KDE is running, I want to start Konqueror and click on it's
> Icon, nothing happens, once I bring the xterm window, which I used
> for ssh'ing to the server and starting the kde from, into the 
> foreground and highlight some text in it with the mouse,
> konqueror appears.
> I only detected the workaround, because KDE hung during launch
> and I wanted to highlight and copy/paste the messages from the
> xterm window to a mail I wanted to send to this group.
> All of a sudden the launch proceeded then hung again, .....
> I somehow have the feeling the problem has something to do
> with the clipboard, I do not know enough to really say :-(.
> Maybe this post helps somebody figuring out the problem.
> I can live with my "workaround" so far.
> Greetings,
>         Peter   
> --
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> Peter Graf,

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