Changes to multiwindow mode and always-on-top (ping Takuma)

Takuma Murakami
Sun Mar 21 08:50:00 GMT 2004


> > At 07:56 PM 3/20/2004 +0900, Takuma Murakami wrote:
> > 
> >> You give me a good insight to improve Z order handling.
> >> I believe we can approach to better solutions.  The attached
> >> is my latest code which should fix all problems on restacking
> >> and a-o-t windows without using fAlwaysOnTop flag.  Could you
> >> try and review this?
> > 
> > 
> > It works great from my testing today!  On Monday I'll bring it to
> > work for a harder test, I normally have 10 or so emacs and xterms
> > running with an occasional EDA tool.  (It seems that cygwin's
> > emacs-x11 has some problems, not due to these changes, so I can't
> > get too many started locally to test...)
> I haven't gotten a chance to test Takuma's new patch yet, so I was 
> wondering if you have checked what happens when you open two xterms, 
> place a Cygwin bash shell inbetween them in the Z order partially 
> overlapping with both of them, then minimize one xterm and then the 
> Cygwin bash shell... you'll have to play with the ordering a little bit,
> but see if you can get it to have one xterm showing the contents of the 
> other xterm where they were previously overlapping.  That was a bug that
> we have had before and Takuma's changes from last week re-introduced 
> that bug.  I'm not sure if his new patch was an attempt to fix that or 
> not... but this is something that somebody will need to fix and I'd 
> appreciate it if you had some insight if this is not already fixed.

I revived winReorderWindowsMultiWindow() to fix the bug, which
I call "restacking bug".  And it is called much less frequently
than before (from winBlockHandler()).  I believe Earle will
confirm this by his hard tests.

Takuma Murakami

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