X/Cygwin icon proposal

Phil Betts Phil.Betts@heis.co.uk
Fri Mar 19 18:18:00 GMT 2004

Hi Harold,

First off, as this is my first submission to the list, I'd like to
extend my thanks
to you and all of the other contributors to Cygwin/X.  After trying a
very early
version (long before multiwindow appeared), I tried a lot of commercial
X servers
before returning to cygwin about the time that rootless appeared.  The
XWin is by far the best of the bunch (for my purposes at least).  It is
the only
server I've found that will work reliably with VirtuaWin's virtual

Most of the traffic headed your way on the list is, by the nature of
these things,
negative so I thought I'd try to redress the balance ;-)  I'm sure I
speak for most 
of the subscribers in saying that your efforts are greatly appreciated.

But enough of this sycophancy...

> Harold L Hunt II wrote:
> 1) A Japanese user has reported that the new icon was garbled on his 
> Windows NT (I believe) system.  This is an isolated case so far and I 
> think it is due to something with that particular system and is not 
> something that we should worry about unless it starts getting reported

This is a pretty mature list, followed by the sort of people who can
resist the
urge to send in "me too" messages.  I suspect that there are others like
me who
saw the original fault report and thought "OK, it's been logged already,
I'll await
the results".  Therefore, please don't discount solitary fault reports.

I am running NT4 and as you'll see from the attached shot, I too get a
icon.  (In case the maintainer of rxvt monitors this list, that
application also
suffers the same problem)

Of the different .ico files I have seen, all could be read and correctly
by IrfanView, but most were either mangled by Windows, or "contain no

FWIW, here are my observations on the discussion so far:

a) It makes no sense to inflict a random splodge on users of older OSes,
because a newer OS is able to display a prettier version of the current

b) As a user of an older OS, I would gladly live with an amorphous
blotch if you
could get the clipboard to work with emacs!

c) I would guess that most XWin _users_ are actually professionals like
who need an X server to connect a cheap PC to more exotic hardware
various flavours of Unix.  We are busy and therefore don't have the time
to make
a lot of noise on lists such as this.

d) Most true geeks (a hat I wear myself when I'm at home) won't touch
of any flavour from choice and therefore won't be needing cygwin.

e) A disproportionate number of electrons has been devoted to the
of messages about 144 pixels.

Phil Betts


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