Changes to multiwindow mode and always-on-top (ping Takuma)

Takuma Murakami
Fri Mar 19 17:43:00 GMT 2004

> 4.3.0-59 would not have this problem because it does not yet contain 
> your recent changes to multi-window mode.  This problem would only show 
> up in the CVS builds.

> > I can't reproduce it with release-59.  Maybe I am doing the
> > tests in a wrong way...  Could you point it out?
> Yup, try with CVS :)

I have completely misunderstood the problem :(

> > 1) Is minimization of a-o-t windows broken on release-59?
> > 2) Does the CVS build fix restacking problem?

> I think that #2 was not touched by Earle.  I'll have to check though.

Now it's quite clear to me, the culprit is my restacking bug.
If Earle's solution fixes #2, then it is what we've sought for.
Even if it doesn't fix it, he gives a nice stepping stone to
the final solution.  I'll look at the code for a while.

Takuma Murakami

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