Installing tcltk does not force installation of XFree86-prog

Charles Wilson
Fri Mar 19 05:23:00 GMT 2004

Marc Daumas wrote:
> ...although X11/Xlib.h is needed.

You've stuck your finger right on a sore spot.

tcltk is a *native MS windowing* port of tk (tcl is GUI-agnostic; tk is 
the important bit wrt display technology).  The X11/Xlib.h file that 
cygwin's tk wants is NOT the one distributed by cygwin-xfree.  Neither 
will tk work with the X11/Xlib.h file distributed with xpm-nox.

Both tk and xpm-nox have their own "fake" Xlib.h files -- xpm-nox ships 
it in /usr/local/xpm-nox/X11/xlib.h.  cygwin's tk doesn't ship its 
version of that file at all.

Go here
and download

Unpack it somewhere so that you can explicitly use
   "-I /this/way/to/tk's/X11/Xlib.h"
but be careful not to clobber the "real" X11/Xlib.h


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