setup.exe copies files to wrong place

Harold L Hunt II
Thu Mar 18 18:29:00 GMT 2004 wrote:

> Hello,
> setup.exe seems to copy some files, e.g. font files, to a wrong drive.
> For example, if setup.exe is located (and run) at D:\cygwin_install directory and
> the target directory is C:\cygwin, then setup.exe copies lots of stuff
> to D:\cygwin\usr\X11R6\lib\X11\fonts\...
> It would seem that somewhere the target root is set to \cygwin instead of C:\cygwin ?


You have the 2nd problem described here:

Whether or not you admit it or know it, you at one time had Cygwin 
installed to d:\cygwin, which left in place a pointer to 
d:\cygwin\usr\X11R6\lib\X11\fonts as the location where fonts should be 
unpacked to.

Run 'mount', you may or may not notice that /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts 
still points to the D drive (this was likely already corrected by the 
postinstall step).

I'm seeing this so often that I am *almost* motivated enough to write a 
patch to setup.exe to bitch when there are invalid mount points and 
asking the user if they would like to remove those mount points before 
unpacking packages.


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