Show Root Window/Hide Root Window --> [Checked/Unchecked] Show Root Window?

Harold L Hunt II
Thu Mar 18 17:57:00 GMT 2004

I was just about to remove the tray menu icon's "Show Root Window" and 
"Hide Root Window" items and add a single checked or unchecked item 
called "Show Root Window".  I figured I had better do a sanity check and 
ask if there was a reason that this was not done in the first place... I 
can't remember if I didn't do it this was just because I didn't know the 
right functions to call, or if there was as valid but hidden reason for 
doing this.  Can anyone else recall a reason why this should not be done 
with a check mark next to the menu item?  It is supposed to be supported 
since Windows 95, so compatibility is not an issue.


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