Upcoming X.org release and splitting packages

Dr. Volker Zell Dr.Volker.Zell@oracle.com
Thu Mar 18 15:16:00 GMT 2004

>>>>> "Harold" == Harold L Hunt, <Harold> writes:

    Harold> 1) Due to popular demand, rename the "prog" package to "devel".  The
    Harold> name "devel" matches the defacto standard used by other packages for
    Harold> link libraries and header files; most people have no idea what the
    Harold> "prog" package is for, but they do know what a "devel" package is for.


    Harold> 2) Split the "bin" package into at least a few pieces (but not too
    Harold> many pieces):

    Harold> 2a) "bin-dlls" will contain the .dll files only.  This would allow
    Harold> packages like emacs or xemacs to depend only on bin-dlls instead of on
    Harold> the entire bin package which includes programs not used by emacs nor
    Harold> xemacs.


    Harold> 2b) "bin-lndir" would contain the lndir utility.  lndir has no
    Harold> dependence on X libs and can be used by any programmer for non-X
    Harold> projects.

especially useful for some packages configuring only in their source tree

    Harold> 2c) "bin-apps" would contain all other applications originally
    Harold> contained in "bin" but not contained in "bin-dlls" nor "bin-lndir".


    Harold> 3) Rename all fonts packages from "f100, cyr, fenc, fnts, fscl" to
    Harold> something like "fonts-100dpi", "fonts-cyrillic", "fonts-encodings",
    Harold> "fonts-75dpi", and "fonts-scalable".


    Harold> 4) Split the "fnts" package into a "fonts-required" and
    Harold> "fonts-75dpi". fonts-required should be a very small package that
    Harold> would allow people to minimize their download if they are using Xdmcp
    Harold> to reach a KDE or Gnome desktop, both of which you client-rendered
    Harold> fonts (few fonts required on your Cygwin/X host in that case).

what ever you want, ...

    Harold> 6) Rename "fsrv" to "font-server".


    Harold> 7) Rename "html" to "manual-pages-html".
    Harold> 8) Rename "man" to "manual-pages".

maybe something with doc* is more in line with other packages

    Harold> Harold

go ahead....


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