X/Cygwin icon proposal

Michael Bax bax3.NO@SPAM.bigfoot.com
Thu Mar 18 13:26:00 GMT 2004

Hi folks

The new icon with alpha looks quite bad on Windows 2000 and earlier systems,
with a thick white border -- see the attachment PNG.  The tips of the X on
some of the other versions of the icon  also look slightly blunt (minor
quibble), and the top and bottom rows are lost at 16x16.

Presumably we shouldn't be setting the default to something that uses a
feature unsupported by the majority of systems out there!  Alpha is nice,
but it is a new, optional feature; we still need to support low-colour
desktops by default.

Using the CVS icon as a starting point, I created a new icon using an
outlined white square as the background.  It is rendered at 16x16, 24x24 and
32x32 sizes, each for monochrome, 16 and 256 colours.  It has the correct
proportions of the thick and thin lines, properly anti-aliased and
quantised.  It's even rotationally invariant!  :-)

I have attached two files: a comparison of the icons in Overview.png, and
the improved icon in Improved.ico.

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