xdvi script - minor bug

Gregory Borota borota@softhome.net
Thu Mar 18 00:55:00 GMT 2004

> Gregory Borota writes:
>>Should be:
>>exec xdvi.bin $NAMEOPT ${1+"$@"}
> Thanks.  I'll forward it upstream, this will be fixed in the next
> release.
> Jan.

Well, another thing that might be fixed is to allow dvi files to be 
renamed even while they are displayed. At present one could only copy 
into the file but not "move into". I find that quite weird. Here is what 
I mean:

$ xdvi file.dvi &

$ cp otherfile.dvi file.dvi

That works!

$ mv otherfile.dvi file.dvi

mv: cannot create regular file `file.dvi': Permission denied

It might be related to the fact that F_SETOWN is not implemented under 

fcntl F_SETOWN (xdvi): Invalid argument


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