us keboard not working

David Davis
Tue Mar 16 04:21:00 GMT 2004

i have just installed cygwin and then i start cygwin/x with the batch file
and then i ssh into a remote client and startkde up to this point i had a 
working keyboard ..
now that im in kde i dont have a working keyboard any more ..
here is a section of my xwin.log

(--) Setting autorepeat to delay=250, rate=15
(--) winConfigKeyboard - Layout: "00000409" (00000409)
(EE) Keyboardlayout "United States 101" (00000409) is unknown
Rules = "xfree86" Model = "pc101" Layout = "us" Variant = "(null)" Options = 

any ideas on this issue ??

PS: im attching my xwin.log file as well...

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