Emacs crashing under XFree86-4.3

Zdzislaw Meglicki zdzisiekm@hotmail.com
Mon Mar 15 22:39:00 GMT 2004

These are tidings of great sorrow and melancholy, for ever since I upgraded
X11 on my Cygwin workstation (about a week ago) I lost my reliable faithful
friend, GNU Emacs, whose X11 version crashes often and unpredictably with
segmentation fault (the "nox" version runs fine).

I run Emacs and X11 server directly on my localhost's display, so OpenSSH is
not involved (there were some comments on this mailing lists to the effect
that OpenSSH was the culprit). The current versions of various software
packages I have running on my XP box are:

Windows XP Professional Ver 5.1 Build 2600 Service Pack 1
cygwin                  1.5.7-1
XFree86-base            4.3.0-4
XFree86-xserv           4.3.0-55
XFree86-lib             4.3.0-2
XFree86-bin             4.3.0-15
XFree86-etc             4.3.0-9
XFree86-prog            4.3.0-16
emacs                   21.2-12
emacs-el                21.2-12
emacs-X11               21.2-12

On the latest Emacs crash the following message was left on my console:

X protocol error: BadLength (poly request too large or internal Xlib length
error) on protocol request 56

The X11 server is run from startxwin.sh with the -multiwindow and -clipboard

Another X11 tool that doesn't even come up and crashes right away is xedit,
but I don't care about it too much. About Emacs, though, I care a great

xterm, xclock, xbiff -- all these run fine, as well as ssh, sshd, exim,
compilers, etc. Xemacs seems to be running well too.

So, why? Why Emacs? Why me? Why now?

Sob, sob...

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