Problems selecting some buttons/menus

Harold L Hunt II
Mon Mar 15 20:55:00 GMT 2004

Try turning off Num Lock.


Troy Runkel wrote:

> Greetings,
> I'm running version 4.3.0-3 of XFree86-base on a Windows XP machine.  I
> then telnet or rlogin to a machine running Solaris 9.  I'm then able to
> run various X programs from the Solaris machine and have the windows
> appear on my XP machine.
> However, I'm having problems selecting buttons/menus for some
> applications.  For instance, when I run Quantify on the Solaris machine
> the GUI appears on the XP machine, but I'm unable to activate any of the
> buttons.  If I click on a button it becomes highlighted, but the
> button's action does not occur.  I'm also unable to activate any of the
> Quantify menus.  
> On the other hand I'm able to run applications like Xemacs without any
> problems at all.  I'm able to use all of the buttons/menus etc in Xemacs
> without any problems.
> Has anybody run across this sort of problem before?  Thanks in advance.
> Troy Runkel

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