Problems selecting some buttons/menus

Troy Runkel
Mon Mar 15 20:24:00 GMT 2004


I'm running version 4.3.0-3 of XFree86-base on a Windows XP machine.  I
then telnet or rlogin to a machine running Solaris 9.  I'm then able to
run various X programs from the Solaris machine and have the windows
appear on my XP machine.

However, I'm having problems selecting buttons/menus for some
applications.  For instance, when I run Quantify on the Solaris machine
the GUI appears on the XP machine, but I'm unable to activate any of the
buttons.  If I click on a button it becomes highlighted, but the
button's action does not occur.  I'm also unable to activate any of the
Quantify menus.  

On the other hand I'm able to run applications like Xemacs without any
problems at all.  I'm able to use all of the buttons/menus etc in Xemacs
without any problems.

Has anybody run across this sort of problem before?  Thanks in advance.

Troy Runkel

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