Garbled task-bar icon

Earle F. Philhower III
Mon Mar 15 04:38:00 GMT 2004

At 12:31 PM 3/15/2004 +0900, Haro wrote:
>I'm not sure I'm following your instructions correctly, but
>changing resolutions does not seem to change the situation.
>I've also placed both .ico file into same directory, browsed them
>using Widows exlore, and x_test6.ico gets garbled but x_test8.ico
>shows nothing. It's same even when browsed with small icon.
>FYI, I've attached the screen-shot.

I've only been partially following this thread but as a point of
reference I found that drawing of icons was something that device
drivers accelerated under Win95/98/ME, but sometimes they didn't
quite accelerate it properly and introduced artifacts when confronted
with anything other than a 16-color 32x32 icon (IIRC ATI drivers
were really bad about this!).  FWIW I've never seen this kind of
driver problem under Win NT/2K/XP...

As just a silly test, if you're running Windows95/98/ME, can you turn
off all HW acceleration (there's an option in the System/"My Computer"
control panel, Advanced tab IIRC, or in the Display properties control
Advanced tab/button for this) and restart the computer and try to start
XWin again and see if the icon is still bad?  If it works unaccelerated,
then there's a driver issue.  If it doesn't work unaccelerated, then
it's something else completely...(Don't forget to turn back on
acceleration after the test!)

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