x-start-menu-icons doesn't install on a W2K german OS

Harold L Hunt II huntharo@msu.edu
Sun Mar 14 05:10:00 GMT 2004

Oh darn, it will be slightly more complex than I had hoped.

We will actually have to add an option to mkshortcut to have it create 
all folders on the specified path, because it fails if the folders do 
not exist and we have the same problem if we create the folders from our 
shell script.


Anyone want to take ownership of this?  I think it may be more than I 
have time for.


Harold L Hunt II wrote:

> I think I have half of a fix for this (will need it to be tested, the 
> sooner the better).  The script was using 'cygpath -A -P' to save the 
> path to the icon folder in a shell variable.  I figured it might be 
> better to instead pass '-A -P' to mkshortcut directly, since it can 
> handle those paths; this may avoid the problem entirely, but I won't 
> know until someone tests it.
> There will still be a remaining problem though: icon removal will still 
> fail.  See, mkshortcut doesn't remove shortcuts, and I don't think there 
> is a utility in cygutils that does.  So, those that are interested in 
> this would either have to add a parameter to mkshortcut to have it 
> remove a shortcut, or they would have to create a new utility based on 
> mkshortcut (e.g. 'rmshortcut') that would facilitate removal of icons in 
> non-US locales.
> I'll be released X-start-menu-icons-1.1.0-1 shortly.  Please test it and 
> report as soon as possible.
> Harold

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