X/Cygwin icon proposal

Nahor nahor@bravobrava.com
Fri Mar 12 16:51:00 GMT 2004

Benjamin Riefenstahl wrote:
> Hm, is the full alpha channel independent of the 1-bit transparency
> mask that we have on older Windows version?  If so, couldn't we
> combine both icons into one?  On XP, the white background and black
> border would be hidden through the alpha mask.  On older systems the
> white background would show.

No, I don' think it would work. I don't know the details but right now, 
the icon is not a white square on older system. So somehow, windows put 
the transparent color where the alpha channel is fully transparent.
Maybe I could hack it by not making the alpha channel fully transparent 
but near enough as to make no difference on XP.
But that doesn't solve the issue of what people prefer: a square icon or 
a jagged one.

Anyway the best is still the config file. People can then select the 
icon they want: black X on white square, black X with white border, X 
with edges at 45 degrees, fully black icon, blue X, red X, pig with 
wings, X on top of MS Windows logo... you name it.


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