XFree86-xserv-4.3.0-51 Performance Improvement

Takuma Murakami takuma@dgp.ne.jp
Tue Mar 9 23:59:00 GMT 2004

That is just a starting point of my optimization.
4.3.0-52 release should be more impressive :)

Takuma Murakami

> Takuma Murakami made an improvement to the multi-window code in the 
> 4.3.0-51 release that restricts redraws to only the changed portions of 
> windows.  My earlier review of the original code made me believe that 
> the code was redrawing the entire contents of each window, regardless of 
> whether they had changed any or not, so I believe that Takuma's change 
> is correct.  In addition, I tested Takuma's change on a program that was 
> notorious for exhibiting bad performance in multi-window mode: xfig. 
> 4.3.0-50 requires 7 seconds to start xfig and there is lots of screen 
> flashing during that startup process; other X Servers on Windows did not 
> have this problem.  4.3.0-51 takes 2 seconds to start xfig and there is 
> no longer any screen flashing.
> Takuma's changes are great!  :)
> Harold

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