Full screen, minus a bit, how?

Igor Pechtchanski pechtcha@cs.nyu.edu
Tue Mar 9 17:00:00 GMT 2004

On Tue, 9 Mar 2004, Chris Green wrote:

> Is it possible to get cygwin to start up in 'not quite full screen'
> mode?
> I use a multiple desktop system on my win2k machine and use cygwin/X
> to run my Linux desktop on one of the win2k desktops.  However I keep
> the win2k taskbar visible (it has the multiple desktops in the
> taskbar) using a little utility called Shove-it.  Thus when cygwin/X
> brings up the Linux system's desktop Shove-it pushes it down (I have
> my taskbar at the top) by the width of the taskbar.  This works OK
> except that sometimes I get some odd effects when using the mouse near
> the bottom of the screen.
> Thus a way to get cygwin/X to bring up an xdmcp desktop in something
> like 1600x1160 mode would be very useful.

Try the -screen argument, as in

XWin :0.0 -scrollbars -screen 0 1600 1160 ...

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