Emacs crashing with XFree86-xserv-4.3.0-50

Takuma Murakami takuma@dgp.ne.jp
Sat Mar 6 09:08:00 GMT 2004


> Emacs and xemacs (as started on Solaris or Linux) experience crashing problems
> with the new XFree86-xserv-4.3.0-50. With XFree86-xserv-4.3.0-44 this problem
> did not exist. The crashing can easily be reproduced just by clicking on the
> emacs windows repeatedly for some seconds, maybe moving the mouse a bit
> at the same time.

Let me confirm that you have checked
especially "ForwardX11Trusted" parameter.

Then, could you show the error message from Emacs (if it prints
something on the crash) and /tmp/XWin.log from the session?

Takuma Murakami

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