XWin -clipboard and xterm focus

Peter Wisnovsky peter@wisnovsky.net
Fri Mar 5 19:40:00 GMT 2004

OK, so I did this, and modified a copy to do

start XWin -multiwindow -clipboard

when I run this I see in the log that -clipboard was passed in, but get a
popup that says

"A fatal error has occurred and Cygwin/X will now exit. Please open
/tmp/XWin.log for more information. [...] Release Command line
XWin -multiwindow -clipboard"

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> Peter,
> I would just use startxwin.bat from the XFree86-startup-scripts package.
>   It is much more reliable and easy to understand.  I think it would
> help in your case to at least try startxwin.bat to confirm that it works
> as expected, then you can work on fixing your startup method of choice.
> Harold
> Peter Wisnovsky wrote:

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